Uwagi do wydania: PROPHIX 12 Fall 2019 (Update 12) (Build

Uwagi do wydania: PROPHIX 12 Fall 2019 (Update 12) (Build

Nowe funkcjonalności:


  • Dodano możliwość odświerzania danych wyświetlanych w Badge, Workflow, iFrame i Favorites tiles.

Journals Manager

  • Stworzono nowy moduł umożliwiający tworzenie, zarządzanie i raportowanie zapisów w dziennikach.

Model Manager

  • Dodano możliwość tworzenie i zarządzanie wymiarem klasyfikacji.

Security Manager

  • Można teraz jako Administrator włączać lub wyłączać konta użytkowników.

Template Studio

  • Używając polecenia Resetuj widok danych, można zmodyfikować istniejący widok danych. 
  • Używając polecenia Kopiuj widok danych, można zduplikować istniejący widok danych. 
  • Maksymalną długość wiersza można teraz ustawić na maksymalnie 2000 znaków.

Windows Server 2019

  • Prophix obsługuje teraz Windows Server 2019, zarówno w wersji Standard, jak i Datacenter.

Usprawnione działanie dotychczasowych funkcjonalności oraz poprawione błędy (tekst oryginalny):

Ad Hoc Analysis

  • Trying to perform a Time Spread based on data in a named set resulted in a "Not yet implemented" error.
  • Changing the font or fill color for Conditional Formatting caused an error.


  • The Start Period attribute when linked with another date attribute showed an incorrect value.
  • Posting failed with an error. 
  • When adding a Lead calculation, for the Lead number of periods was unable to select an attribute type option from the drop-down.

DPM Schedules

  • The prompt for calculating all rows failed to reset after the row selection changed.
  • When used as a condition for an attribute, Boolean or True/False attributes caused a null reference error.

Model Manager

  • Deleting a member of the Classification dimension resulted in an error.
  • If the system time zone was not set to "US&Canda", the period Start date and End date were wrong.
  • After editing a member and then using Find Member while the edited member remained highlighted, the change to the edited member would not be saved.

Process Manager

  • Importing a dimension failed and resulted in the error "The given key was not present in the dictionary."
  • In the Import Process, in Target Mapping, a Key with the value 0 caused a display problem.
  • In the Import process (for a dimension), in the Target Mapping tab the dimension properties failed to appear if the dimension was level-based.

Template Studio

  • The Page Setup preview showed text cut off at the far right side or at the very top.
  • In report mode, with Hierarchy view selected, the Page Member auto text showed the wrong member.
  • The linked template option Runtime selection did not work if the page dimension property Visible at runtime is unchecked.
  • The linked template option Runtime selection did not work if an image or page hierarchy was used.
  • Cell formulas using IF() resulted in errors.
  • Using the Freeze Panes option in a report and then modifying members resulted in a blank screen until the scroll bar was used.
  • A cloned row caused an error when the template was later opened in Design mode.
  • The Time spread option took longer to complete than it does in Smart Client.


  • The Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V keyboard shortcuts failed if the region was Denmark.


  • Alternate owners could not do data entry at the non-leaf level. 
  • Autosave did not work.

Prophix for Office 365 Excel

  • If the name of a sheet contained a space or a hyphen (-), using the Pull command resulted in an infinite spinner.